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am8亚美集团网站 offers a comprehensive range of warehousing and fulfillment services in each of the countries that we operate, 包括中国, 越南, 孟加拉国, 和美国. We support ecommerce business owners and small businesses with fulfilling orders fast and efficiently.


Fulfillment centers are a physical location that enables third-party logistics (3PL) firms to fulfill customer orders for ecommerce retailers. 这使零售商不必管理这一至关重要但具有挑战性的过程.

Each of our ecommerce fulfillment centers is equipped to efficiently streamline the continuous flow of shipments in and out of our facilities. 我们有效地管理订单量, 支持网上零售商的在线商店, 和电子商务平台, 确保订单在需要运输的时候发货.

当外包给我们时, we work with you to create a customized warehousing and transportation network for efficiently delivering your goods while keeping your shipping costs down.

我们的 订单执行 服务部门负责库存管理, 加上挑选, 包装, 以及货物运输, 如果你是一个小企业主,哪种是理想的选择. 作为您的第三方物流供应商, you can expect excellent customer service from our fulfillment centers for your ecommerce store.


作为美国领先的仓储物流公司之一, 我们支持拥有更大供应链的企业, 哪些仓库可以为货物提供临时储存, 容器, 托盘, 和更多的.

We help businesses and shippers to optimize supply chains to save money and time for their customers. Temporary 存储 can be an excellent solution for keeping costs down and facilitating faster shipping.

你可以把货物储存起来,直到下一种运输方式准备好. This can be especially useful at international ports, where holding a shipping order is imperative.

am8亚美集团网站, 我们与世界各地的许多设施合作, 哪些可以快速和容易地存储和移动仓库物品.

我们的 network of movers and warehouses allows us to compare and contrast options in real-time, 帮你找到运送货物的最佳方式. 除了, we have staff that can help you manage and negotiate shipping rates and other requirements worldwide, 在任何语言.


A 物流仓库与物流中心不一样. 仓库是存放存货的地方, 而物流中心提供仓储以外的服务.

我们的履行中心有助于快速周转库存, 提供一个挑选和包装的解决方案,使订单迅速出来. 物品很少会储存超过一个月. 超过这个时间储存的物品需要支付额外的费用. 交付中心是一种短期存储解决方案, 而仓库则提供了一种长期的存储解决方案, 它们通常位于离顾客较近的地方.

履行中心提供离客户较近的库存存储解决方案, 允许更快的交货, 减少运输时间, 和更低的运输.

我们的履行中心提供各种各样的服务. 这包括接收库存, 创建选择列表, 挑选产品, 包装物品, 标签出货, 海运订单, 和管理的回报.

仓库更是静态的. 在操作上,仓库只增加或转移库存. 很少有其他服务可用.

我们的 fulfillment centers have established relationships with different companies to immediately act on consumer orders. 这使我们能够每天收集货物,并在需要时运输它们. 这可以确保客户快速收到他们的商品.

仓库往往有预定的取货时间,这种时间不太频繁. This is because it’s far more cost-effective to ship freight and have packages bundled together on a pallet, 而不是打印单独的运输标签.


在运输过程中使用仓储有很多好处. 仓库能让你安全地储存货物,远离危险. 这就减少了物品损坏的风险.

仓库s enable you to effectively track your inventory and provides a centralized location for 存储. 与一个仓库, you can adopt a systematic approach to inventory management to monitor stock levels better.


履行中心消除了长期存储物品的需要,降低了存储成本. 有许多可用的服务, 您可以将整个库存管理流程外包给履行中心.

韩亚美国物流中心负责处理您库存的所有方面, 包括包装和分配您的客户所下的订单. 我们快速周转订单,以确保客户完全满意.


The shipping and receiving of goods from all over the world go through a complex network of shippers and movers and requires a lot of management and organization in order for everything to reach the right place.

在韩亚美国,我们的业务是 国际航运与物流, 和仓库打交道, 卡车司机, 货物托运人, 并与世界各地海关部门进行船舶运输, 并储存各种货物.

We have a huge network of connections that can facilitate the 存储 of your shipped items anywhere in the world. am8亚美集团网站 has people on the ground that can coordinate the safe 存储 of items in warehouses of fulfillment centers.

韩亚美国与您合作,为您的供应链增加价值, 负责运输, 存储, 还有分销,这样你就可以专注于发展你的业务. 物流很有挑战性, and managing a fulfillment center or warehouse as part of the process creates further complexities.

我们是来帮忙处理操作的, offering a vast amount of experience in making supply chains more productive and efficient. 我们服务的核心是有效的沟通. We partner with you to develop a strategy that’s specific to the needs of your business.

我们的现代 仓库和履行中心 利用最新技术. 这使我们能够实时记录执行过程的每个部分. 你将知道你有哪些可用的库存,而不需要出现在现场.

This connection means every customer order received by a warehouse or fulfillment center can be picked, 包装, 和分布式. 与此同时, everything can be tracked so you and your customers are never left in the dark concerning the status of an order.

我们的 fulfillment services free you from having to manage the operational aspects of your business. 相反,你可以专注于帮助你推动业务增长的战略方面. Outsourcing your fulfillment requirements is a practical solution for improving your supply chain and increasing customer satisfaction.


am8亚美集团网站, we are committed to finding supply solutions that work best for your business model. Whether you need to build or optimize your business to a fulfillment center-based model or looking to warehouse a shipment, 我们可以帮你找到正确的解决方案.

我们的 extended global network lets us find warehousing and shipping options around the world. 我们的 professional staff is ready to assist you with any warehousing and fulfillment services you may need. Whether it’s ecommerce, dropshipping, or shipping large cargo and finding 存储, we can help. 打电话给美国韩亚航空 (855) 500-1808 与团队成员交谈或请求报价.




We have been dealing with the experts at am8亚美集团网站 for many years in their California and China offices. 他们的代理人是有帮助的, 体贴的, and detail-oriented and we confidently suggest their services to any company looking for specialized logistic and shipping providers. Their agents patiently handle numerous information requests and react quickly to any questions concerning shipments we always have the impression that our business is a priority.

当你需要他们的时候,美国韩亚航空的工作人员总是很有礼貌. They exhibit a high level of professionalism in every interaction with their clients and respond promptly to any inquiry. 作为回头客, I highly recommend the services provided by am8亚美集团网站 for anyone looking for a logistics company that is driven by efficiency and respect for the customer’s individual needs. Their endless efforts in catering to our logistics needs for the international export of our products are more than appreciated.

I enjoy working with the staff at am8亚美集团网站 because I truly feel that my company’s needs are their focus. 无论我的团队在物流过程中遇到了什么问题, am8亚美集团网站分公司的一名特工有答案. 他们是各自领域的先驱, 他们高效的客户服务协议体现了他们的专业知识.